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The existing space between photography and art

la imagen sustentada

There is an existing space between photography and art. It’s almost 10 years I am addicted to my photo camera. I never though I was so good to show them in a public space, but I love photography, I have a good sense for esthetic and, as John Keats, I really believe that beauty is truth; and beauty is not necessarily something figurative. Beauty is a sensation, a feeling, that deeply takes you… just like love. That’s the reason why I love abstract paintings, the American expressionism and everything I can’t clearly see, but deeply feel.  So, I was looking for a good event in a small city such as Cádiz is, where Culture is not really a must, but more a “maybe”. I mean, we are not in New York, nor in Rome or in London. So, this town can be quite boring sometimes. Especially in a period of crisis like the one we are living.

But I found it.
(I’m really proud of that).

It’s like a month I know about this exhibition, and I was getting nervous and excited. But today is the day.
Carmelo Trenado Tormo will show his photography in the Main Hall of the Castle of Santa Catalina today at 8PM. I don’t know him, but I followed his work as a painter, and I think he’s a really good artist. Sometimes I surf in his webpage to see if there is something new and almost always I receive good surprises. So, when they told me he will go to Cádiz, I thought it was great…
But he comes here with his photography collection, not with his paintings.
That can be interesting.

The passage from the three-dimensionality of the abstract painting, from the oil, the materials to a two-dimensional support like photography is a curious choice. As I told before, there is a space between art and photography: normally, a painting goes into you, you can feel it inside; on the contrary, when you see a photo, it’s you that go into it, so you can feel it outside, surrounding you. I don’t know if I express it well…

However, the exhibition will be interesting. If you are around Cádiz, don’t miss it.
La imágen sustentada” (The nourish image) is the title. Quite suggestive, too…

2 comments on “The existing space between photography and art

  1. Turismo 2.0
    April 10, 2013

    Actually,it was great. The quality of the photography, the textures, the landscape format and the aesthetic sense Trenado gave them, make this exhibition a wonderful experience. I suggest all people who have a friend in Cádiz to tell them to go to this art event. The Main Hall of the Castle of Santa Catalina will hold the exhibition until the 30 of June of 2013.

  2. carmelotrenado.com
    April 29, 2013

    Thanks for the comments.

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