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The artists in the Castle

File:Castillo de Santa Catalina, Cádiz.jpg

Again in Cádiz. I’m sure you’re looking for a good place to visit during your holidays, and Cádiz is this place. Especially during those months… it’s not hot as in summer but the weather is good and people start going to the beach.
As I really love this city, I will talk about one of the jewel of its historical centre: the Castle of Santa Catalina.

The Castle of Santa Catalina is located on the north side of the beach of La Caleta, just in front of the Castle of San Sebastian. The structure is formed by a pentagonal building that was used as a model for several other smaller castles built years later in America.
The castle offers a stunning view of the bay and nowadays, it holds many art and photography exhibitions: some of them are very good (some other, simply not).

One of the exhibition that the castle will held from April 18 to June 10, 2013 is the one of Carmelo Trenado Tormo, a really good contemporary painter and professor at the Faculty of Art of the University of Granada, Spain. If you are going to go to Cádiz during this period, I suggest you to visit the exhibition.

But there are other places linked with art and creation. In fact, the Castle of Santa Catalina in Cádiz has converted one of its buildings in Artistic Workshop: inside, the space has been divided in four studios completely dedicated to creation, that painters, photographers and other artists can use, each one for three months, to create and exhibit their works.

From March to June 2013, you can find in one of the workshop the Spanish artist Chema Senra.
The work of Senra is really impressive. His last exhibition was in October 2012 in the Contemporary Art Museum of Naples, (you can see the press release and the project here) Italy and during the summer of 2013 (July and August) he will return to Italy for an artistic residence and to exhibit his works in other Italian cities.

So, don’t loose the chance to go to Cádiz and meet two important painters and to see their works. You will appreciate the quality.



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